A boarding school has been part of our campus in Disentis for centuries. The sense of community felt by our former learners, who are now scattered worldwide, is reflected in the Alumni Association. All former students of the Swiss Boarding Schools Disentis & Zurich and the Gymnasium Kloster Disentis can join the Association.

Every year, the various sections of the Association (e.g. Section Zurich or Section Bern) organise events for their members where our alumni can maintain and expand their network. This programme is supplemented by “school fiastas”, alumni days or Matura anniversaries as well as a electronic newsletter and a magazine.

Furthermore, our alumni share their experiences of their time after school with our students by reporting on their individual career paths.

We are proud that our alumni not only take away knowledge and memories of their school days, but also forge lifelong friendships and develop a deep bond with our schools.