International A Levels qualify the holder to study at universities and colleges around the globe. Issued by Cambridge International Examinations and Pearson Edexcel, the exams are taken at more than 10,000 schools in 166 countries, making them the world’s most widespread university entrance qualification.

For IGCSE and A-Level-examinations, we work with our partner Academia International School where learners have prepared for these qualifications with great success over the past 15 years. Our learners sit their exams at an Academia International School accredited exam centre.

Exams at two levels

Admission to universities and colleges requires qualifications in six subjects at two levels. Our learners complete at least three subjects at IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) level and study a further three or more subjects in depth for their A-Level-examinations.

The International A Levels cover topics from some first-year university studies. This means students can skip the first year of study at some foreign higher education institutions.

Our learners take the final exam in each subject individually – whenever they are ready. We have up to three examination sittings each year. If necessary, exams can be retaken as many times as required.

Comprehensive advice

As the admission criteria vary depending on the field of study and the university in question, we support our learners in choosing the most suitable combination of subjects for their future study plans.