The choice is yours

Swiss Boarding Schools Disentis & Zurich offer you choice in more than one respect.

IGCSE: intermediate school-leaving certificate after one or two years

The IGCSEs are internationally recognised secondary school qualifications. In some countries, they enable learners to attend certain higher education institutions and universities. After one or two years, your child will acquire broad general knowledge which they will cap off with IGCSE examinations*.

International A Levels: worldwide access to universities and higher education institutions after another one or two years

For International A Levels, young people spend two years focusing on their strengths. This means they usually concentrate on three to four subjects they want to study in greater depth until they graduate. After graduation, students are well prepared for challenging degrees, and the doors to the most prestigious higher education institutions and universities in Switzerland and worldwide are open to them.

Flexibility and individual support

We use teaching methods to encourage your child to reach their full potential. In addition to academic knowledge, we also teach personal competencies and learning techniques, promote independence and create an environment that enables holistic development.

Mountains or city

The choice between our mountain campus in Disentis or city campus in Winterthur/Zurich depends on your child’s interests. It is also possible to change campus location at the beginning of each school year or in consultation with school management.

At both locations, we offer our learners the best possible care. They study in small classes with experienced teachers and benefit from cutting-edge facilities. We promote their strengths and accompany them on their journey to becoming well-educated, responsible people who can feel at home anywhere in the world.

*IGCSE: International General Certificate of Secondary Education