We are happy that you are thinking of having your child educated at Swiss Boarding Schools Disentis & Zurich. Our policy is to only accept learners we have met in person or successfully completed the interview with the Head of School.

Please get in touch for a non-binding consultation with us, be it by phone, video call or in person on one of our campuses: The choice is yours!

Admission to our school usually takes place in August at the beginning of the school year. However, if places are available, admission is possible at any time, following consultation with school management.

Price list

Your child’s education is an investment in the future. We want you to know right from the start what costs you will be facing. All the important services for a successful stay at Swiss Boarding Schools Disentis & Zurich are included in our school fees.

English language requirements

Our school is open to applicants whose native language is not English. Upon entry, we generally expect a B1 level. If your son or daughter is not yet at this level, he/she can start with a reduced range of subjects, while simultaneously improving his/her language skills and building up specialist vocabulary.

Special needs

Is your child highly gifted or exceptionally talented? Does he or she have dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD or dyscalculia? Every child is unique and we may be able to help them to reach their full potential. Get in touch with us.